Annual Heard Museum Fair Show in Phoenix, March 3-4

Don’t miss the chance to buy new work in Phoenix, AZ March 3 & 4 at the Heard Museum 

I’m excited to announce that once again I’ll be showcasing my work at the Heard Museum in Phoenix AZ March 3-4. This is a chance to shop, visit and see the latest developments in my work. For more details about this exciting show visit

Photo by Rachel Running.


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April 20: Fashion Show with Jamie Okuma at NMAI NYC

Please join me April 20, 2017 in NYC for a Fashion Show!
From T-shirts to tuxedos, Native fashion designers have impacted the world and their industry with creative and innovative designs. During a high-energy runway show, I’ll be providing coordinated jewelry looks for designer Jamie Okuma (Luiseño/Shoshone Bannock). Bethany Yellowtail (Apsaálooke/Northern Cheyenne) and Dorothy Grant (Haida) will also be showcasing pieces from their latest collections. More details here.